It is acid-fast and alcohol-fast, meaning not decolorized by acid or alcohol after staining, as most bacteria retain dye after an acid or alcohol rinse. Leprosy does not affect the central Nervous System. The earliest clinically detectable lesions of fast leprosy involve the skin and show histologic association with sebaceous glands and hair follicles. You may also find These documents Helpful. Official figures show that almost 180,000 people mainly in Africa and Asia were affected in the beginning of 2012. Leprosy is classified in to two forms by world health Organization depending on the amount of skin lesions (Thompson., 2009). Research has shown that leprosy exists since 4000bc and it was first recognized in Egypt, Ancient China and India. Gordon Grice, author of Where leprosy lurks, an article in the november 2000 issue of Discover Magazine, believed that the oldest evidence of Leprosy dated back to the skulls of four Egyptians that were discovered in second century. Leprosy - sample Essays

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However, in recent times, the conditions for people with leprosy have vastly improved in terms of both the treatment of the disease and removal of the stigma attached. Over the course of thousands of years, it has managed to afflict essay millions of people in every region of the world. Short rod-shaped structures can also be seen and also dense spherical forms. The most evident primary symptom of leprosy is the appearance of a patch on the skin, commonly associated with loss of feeling or sensation. It is estimated that due to genetic factors, only 5 of the population is susceptible to leprosy. Under the electron microscope, the bacillus appears to have a great mixture of forms. The onset of leprosy is usually insidious in nature (tt usually develops over 3 or more years and ll over 8 or more years.) Incubation periods as long as 30 years have been reported among war veterans who were in areas of endemic infection during. It is believed to have been spread from Europe to the Americas and. Leprosy generates antibodies inside the human cell walls. Custom Leprosy Essay

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The disease spreads constantly to other body parts such as hands, feet, knees and face (Gould, 2005). C, due to an Egyptian Papyrus document (in biblical text format) in separate lists, containing knowledge starting at biological to teachings and instructions. due to this belief it was left to be cured by spiritual leaders. On the other hand, incubation periods as short as just a few weeks have been observed in the occurance of leprosy among young infants. The psychological situation for the victims of leprosy has also improved. While this did offer some benefits to leprosy sufferers, it was not an effective cure for the disease. The history of Leprosy. His evidence was not revolutionary, but it was apparent that leprosy was caused by a germ.

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Leprosy : the disease. Access to over 100,000 complete essays and term papers. Fully built bibliographies and works cited. Leprosy disease Essay examples.

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In such cases, where only. Health term papers (paper 727) on leprosy : Leprosy leprosy has struck fear into human beings for thousands of years, and pile was well recognized in the oldest.

Leprosy, leprosy (Hansen's Disease sometimes called "Hanseniasis" or "H.D. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. In the modern times, the discrimination against people who are infected with leprosy has lessened, but the fact still cant be denied that there is still an existing discrimination. Although the drug was originally considered too toxic to be administered to humans, a derivative was eventually tested, with great success, on leprosy patients in Carville, louisiana (Skillicorn). Leprosy can lead to progressive permanent damage of these structures, and the resulting devastating disfigurement and disability has led to the historical social stigma and isolation (leper colonies) of those affected by the disease. The leprosy causing bacteria are probably spread through skin breaks, such as a contaminated needle, and sneezing and coughing.

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